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Berkshire Bedlam at Sidmouth 2000

Well, the waiting was over, practice time had run out, we'd removed the stains from Rob's breeches for the umpteenth time - it was time to show the unsuspecting and largely uncaring world what we could do ....

Our opening spot - Saturday morning at the flagraising ceremony, performing 'Coconuts'

The first test - can we get round each other without falling off the stage?

The final test - can most of us remember to face outwards at the end?


Saturday lunchtime, outside the Anchor - getting into it now .....


Saturday afternoon - our first Arena Show

Do you think they were all there just there to watch us ??


Sunday morning procession, followed by the sea-front ....

sid200024.JPG (31203 bytes)

sid200025.JPG (29271 bytes)

sid200030.JPG (32386 bytes) .... where part of the BB fan club was waiting for us (sigh ... these morris groupies ....)


Sunday's Morris Party at the Anchor - BB seen here lining up for Berkshire Bumfolosi's Gumboot Dance, in which Mike would upstage us all with his now legendary
and scene stealing shirt ripping ...

... followed by BB's very own 'Duck Pond'


At Monday's Whistlestop show at the Arena Meanwhile Lee and Linda took a day off to produce little baby 'Sid', later renamed 'George'. 


Wednesday's night's Arena show

Ready for 'Princess Royal'

The end of 'The Mazurka', starring Rob Trundle and featuring the rest of Berkshire Bedlam


Friday lunchtime, in the Market Square - followed by Jameson's splendid final jig .....


Friday night finale - 'Dance of the Little Fairies'

(picture taken shortly after the 'where are the sticks' scare)

followed by bhangra-ing off to the Bollywood Brass Band .....


and finally, the torchlight procession, and torch dousing on the beach.
Even Gareth was smiling, must be the sea air ........


Berkshire Bedlam - Sidmouth 2000
Gareth, Mike, Jerry, MalM, Jane, John, Rob, Paul, Jameson, Bob, MalG
(not pictured - Simon, Lee)

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