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2017 News

Amazing! Astounding! Astonishing! A-unbelievable! BB have made it to its 40th year!

And the year started with BB in reasonably good shape. Long term injuries to some of our experienced dancers had been a problem, but the welcome sight of some new dancers had meant the team approached its 40th birthday year confidently.

And one of our new dancers, Charles, was quickly in action at the first event of the year, a Haddenham ceilidh on 4th February with the Bursledon Band. We did a 4 dance spot, with Charles joining for the final Jolly Jockey. All went well, no injuries, minimal dropped sticks - a good start to the year!

After the rarity for BB of a Sunday practice at a mirrored dance studio in Woodley in February, a great opportunity for several of the team to keep admiring themselves throughout, the first outdoor event was on Sunday 23rd April with a day at the Oxford Folk Festival, with both Charles and Ben playing a full part. Another good day's dancing, at the end of which we were approached by a Spanish TV crew making some sort of promotional film, and we were asked to have a speaking part. This turned out to be repeating several times "welcome to Oxford!" - I think by the end we had it nailed.

Next, on Wednesday 10th May, came a dance out at the Queens Head in Wokingham along with Windsor Morris to celebrate our illustrious foreman's 50th birthday. A cheerful evening, though Jameson claimed to be unimpressed by Sue and Bob's Lucy Worsley masks, claiming his allegiance had switched to Alice Roberts. However we noticed at the end of the evening he quietly made off with the Lucy Worsleys, to do with them we know not what...

The following weekend came one of the season's highlights with a weekend away, mainly to attend the JMO Day of Dance in Leicester, but also to celebrate David's forthcoming marriage to Heather. Saturday started with an opening ceremony in Jubilee Square, and was followed by spots in Halford Street, at the Clock Tower, at the Jewry Wall Museum, the Newarke Houses Museum, and finally Leicester Cathedral, now the home to Richard III.  Some of the team were a little unkind about the size of Leicester's Cathedral, but really (though I must declare some slight personal bias here) could there be a better city in England for Richard to finally rest his bones? (Though of course he had been resting them there for a while under a car park). The day finished with a closing ceremony in Jubilee Square, where BB were one of very few teams invited to perform one dance in front of the 60 assembled teams (Windsor were another).

Overall the dancing on the day went well - except - well, the day was partly a celebration for David, and some of the team thought the best way to celebrate was to have a bottle of whisky to pass round. My, weren't people thirsty! - and the bottle was soon followed by a second one. It was the second one, I'm afraid, that was David's downfall - to the extent that when performing in a 12 man Cavalier at the Cathedral, he had to be prodded around from place to place throughout. By the time he got to the closing ceremony he really wasn't too well, and had to be helped back to the fortunately nearby Travelodge where several of the team were staying.

That evening a celebration dinner had been arranged at the Queen of Bradgate bar/restaurant, but unfortunately David was unable to make it. Nevertheless it was a fun evening, and the props that had been brought to dress up David instead found their way onto Tom. And later on, just as we had done 6 years earlier after the equivalent meal for Jameson's the forthcoming marriage, we went back to the hotel and watched the closing stages of the Eurovision Song Contest! We know how to live in BB.

The next day we had planned a rendezvous at The Bell in Adderbury, a morris friendly pub conveniently on the way home from Leicester. A recovered David was able to take part in the dancing, and we were able to apply the various props he had missed the previous evening. What a great air guitarist he proved to be!

Then just 3 weeks later, on Saturday3rd June, came the actual wedding. This was held in Worplesdon, near Guildford, and BB and Windsor had been invited along to the evening celebration at Worplesdon Memorial Hall following the lunchtime ceremony. David and Heather looked resplendent throughout, and both of them were able to join in a couple of dances with their sides outside the hall with the wedding guests looking on. This included (for the first time ever) a joint dance, Highland Mary with BB on one side and Windsor facing them on the other, both doing their normal steps - it worked surprisingly well. The morris dancing finished with BB's Fairies and (of course) a magic arch through which all the guests duly proceeded led by David and Heather, before heading inside for a hog roast and a live band. A great occasion and a well matched couple!

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