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Here are our 2020 active(-ish) members - don't you just want to take one or more of them home with you to cuddle? (and click the thumbnail for an even bigger picture of your favourite Bedlam)

Musicians (and Roy)

Sue (Blondie) Bedlam Jen (Bob) Bedlam Roy (of the Rovers) Bedlam
babysue.jpg (30310 bytes) babybob.jpg (20710 bytes)   
pushes, pulls and squeezes to order shakes those eggs a treat enjoys smelling moondust* 


Alun (Big Bro) Bedlam Ben (Snappy) Bedlam Charles (Ballroom) Bedlam David (Mr.Frizzy) Bedlam



Little Brother's Big Brother Always gets the picture at home on the floor doesn't want to go to Art School, Art School
Florent ("Action!") Bedlam Jameson (What's up Doc?) Bedlam Jerry (Posh) Bedlam John (Double Cream) Bedlam

babyjameson.jpg (24420 bytes)


brings ze Fronch je-ne-sais-quoi  favourite ice cream flavour is herring* makes Brian Sewell sound common  no joke, the bloke with the cloak
Lee (that look) Bedlam Malcolm (Shorty) Bedlam Mark (Little Bro) Bedlam Paul (Baby) Bedlam
babylee.jpg (24677 bytes) babymal.jpg (18585 bytes)   babypaul1.jpg (13611 bytes)babypaul2.jpg (29378 bytes)
keeps putting people off* lives in a cave*   no longer at the end of the line ... does it the old team way (he's 84 you know ...)#
Rhys (Speedy) Bedlam Robert (Alisonson) Bedlam Tom (Tomboy) Bedlam Will (the Younger) Bedlam
always doing a runner   just don't get a cloak has his own plinth in Dorset why do I need a new hat?

* = according to the BBC programme 'Space Hoppers'
# = according to legend

Below are some of our other members of the last 30 years - the ones that got away (but we have your addresses .......)

Andy (Tango) Bedlam Gareth (Mr. Whippy) Bedlam Jane (Fiddly) Bedlam Mal G (Bonny) Bedlam Mike (Sporty) Bedlam

mike2.JPG (36143 bytes)

smoulders across the dance floor  any tune yer like (erů Simon?)   ah, hear her strains  our soft southerner just 5 packs short of a 6 pack 
Mike (Biker) Bedlam Rob (Scaredy) Bedlam Simon (Fred*) Bedlam Tim (Shedman) Bedlam Will (the Older) Bedlam
  miket.JPG (33677 bytes) babytim.jpg (34590 bytes)
came from the West, via Stoke and the Chilterns beware of his Shooting sticks   his eyebrows are Grade 2 listed monuments*  Along with Roy, one of the babies of the side (combined age 149)*  co-founder of the Take That fan club*

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