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Here are what are believed to be our current active(-ish) members, unless lockdown has wiped all dance memories....
(and click the thumbnail for an even bigger picture of your favourite Bedlam)

Musicians (and Roy)

Roy (of the Rovers) Bedlam Jen (Bob) Bedlam Jane (Fiddly) Bedlam Karen (Lazarus) Bedlam
babybob.jpg (20710 bytes)
enjoys smelling moondust*  shakes those eggs a treat many strings to her bow it's like she's never been away... 


Alun (Big Bro) Bedlam Ben (Snappy) Bedlam Charles (Ballroom) Bedlam David (Mr.Frizzy) Bedlam



Little Brother's Big Brother Always gets the picture at home on the floor doesn't want to go to Art School, Art School
Florent ("Action!") Bedlam Jameson (What's up Doc?) Bedlam Jerry (Posh) Bedlam John (Double Cream) Bedlam

babyjameson.jpg (24420 bytes)


brings ze Fronch je-ne-sais-quoi  favourite ice cream flavour is herring* makes Brian Sewell sound common  no joke, the bloke with the cloak
Lee (that look) Bedlam Malcolm (Shorty) Bedlam Mark (Little Bro) Bedlam Paul (Baby) Bedlam
babylee.jpg (24677 bytes) babymal.jpg (18585 bytes)   babypaul1.jpg (13611 bytes)babypaul2.jpg (29378 bytes)
keeps putting people off* lives in a cave*   no longer at the end of the line ... does it the old team way (he's 84 you know ...)#
Rhys (Speedy) Bedlam Robert (Alisonson) Bedlam Tom (Tomboy) Bedlam Will (the Younger) Bedlam
always doing a runner   just don't get a cloak has his own plinth in Dorset why do I need a new hat?

* = according to the BBC programme 'Space Hoppers'
# = according to legend

Below are some of our ex members with what we think were the last years they regularly performed with us - huge thanks to all of them!

Sue Cozens (2019)
Tim Taylor (2019)
Rob Trundle (2015)
Simon Wooders (2014)
Andy Cheyne (2014)
Will Balmont (2012)
Jane Berrisford-Smith (2008)
Mike Turner (2002)
Mike Lyth (2001)
Mal Graham (2000)
Gareth Kiddier (2000)
Colin Pigden (1997)
Karen Norris (1995)
Ian Hayes (1995)
Anthony Worrall (1995)
Steve Palmer (1994)
Doug Brown (1993)
Sebastian Tischer (1992)
Steve Haines (early 1990s)
Stuart Barry (1991)
Alan Morton (1991)
Ray Brunton (1991)
Mel Williams (1991)
Nick Cole (1991) 
Dave Williams (1991)
Ted Mansfield (1991)
Michael Venner (late 1980s)
Pat Ryan (late 1980s)
Steve Irving (early 1980s)
Steve Garside (early 1980s)
Chris Smith (early 1980s)
Pete Townsend (early 1980s)
John Cross (early 1980s)  

and special thanks to founder members Jeff Bates (1987), Ron Withington (1980), without whom......

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