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Your chance to see / hear / read some of our media appearances:


Dec 2012 - BB were Downton (Abbey) Morris in a Christmas special episode, first broadcast on Christmas Day 2012
Aug 2009 - episode of CBBC Spacehoppers - shown on BBC2 and CBBC March 2010
Feb 2007 - BBC Eggheads - first shown on BBC2 Sep 2007, repeated Jul 2009
Oct 2005 - episode of CBBC Chucklevision (Oompah Oompah) - first shown March 2006, and repeated endlessly!
see the best bits of this (i.e. the bits with us in) on this YouTube clip - we're mainly featured towards the end so stick with it! 


BB in Lockdown 2020

The team get restless and start to plan new career choices - but the urge to dance is never far away....

The team chat about how they are finding lockdown and reminisce about bygone times... 


BB Cotswold Dances

Sidmouth LNE spot 2023 - 1-6 dance - 7/8/23 - 1.52  Sidmouth LNE spot 2023 - Sword Dance - 7/8/23 - 4.37  Sidmouth LNE spot 2023 - Fairies - 7/8/23 - 4.36  Arse about Face at Whitby Folk Week Aug 2019 - 2.32 Coconuts at Whitby Folk Week Aug 2019 - 2.32



Sidmouth LNE spot 2016 - Wheel of Fortune, Sword Dance, Coconuts, Going Away - 30/7/16 - 14.34 Mazurka at the Winchester Mayfest, May 2016 - 2.41 Princess Royal at the Chippenham Folk Festival, May 2015 - 3.22 (with help from Chinewrde) Coconuts in Newfane - 2013 Marlboro Ale 26/5/13 - 3.57 Goblins in Brattleboro - 2013 Marlboro Ale 25/5/13 - 3.03




Knees Up in Brattleboro - 2013 Marlboro Ale 25/5/13 - 2.40  Jameson +Simon pre-wedding jig, Windsor 4/6/11 (As The Tide Was Flowing) - 2.32   Laughing Cavalier - Sidmouth Folk Week, Aug 2010 - 2.46 Sucking The Monkey - Sidmouth Folk Week, Aug 2010 - 2.58 At the Wokingham Winter Carnival Nov 2009 - 1.10
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Part of Fairies + Magic Arch, Warwick FF July 2009 - 2.52 Boogle at the Chippenham Folk Festival, May 2009 - 1.56 Princess Royal at the Chippenham Folk Festival, May 2009 - 2.34 Sidmouth Ritual Dance Competition Aug 1994 - 2.32  
BB in The Big Caper
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Princess Royal, Sarvar International Festival 2014 - 3.46 Knees Up, Towersey Festival, Aug 2007 - 2.36 Matachins sword dance, Towersey Festival, Aug 2007 - 3.35 Highlights of the Big Caper show, Wallingford Bunkfest, Sep 2006 - 10.08  
BB in Special Spots
Whitby Folk Week ceilidh spot Aug 2019 - Skeletal Pirates Sword Dance - 4.22 BB Bunfight Nov 2018 - Los Flamencos de Berkshire - 4.25 BB Bunfight Nov 2017 - Putting on the Ritz - 3.28 BB Bunfight Nov 2013 - Black and White Dance - 3.20 BB at Sidmouth Festival LNE, Aug 2013 - Men in Black & Gangnam - 8.21


BB on DVD - Berkshire Bedlam are one of the sides to feature in a series of morris DVDs put together by Steven Newland, featuring various dances from the repertoire and a revealing interview (right click on DVD cover and select 'save as' to download a preview). It's available to buy from the website 'Morris Dancers of England' (other DVDs are available but check sides are also in the top 99% of all teams before purchasing ...)


Berkshire Bedlam featured in a video made by Genius Productions for Reading based electro-funk band Saloon. Called 'The Good Life', the video featured footage shot at the Banbury Canalside Festival and adapted to fit the dreamy techno track. See the whole video on YouTube - The Good Life featuring Berkshire Bedlam - 3.42


In October 2011, the Wokingham Times ran a feature on Berkshire Bedlam with some quotes taken from our website - read it here Following Jameson and Emma's wedding in June 2011 and subsequent success at the Sidmouth Jig Competition in August, the Wokingham Times featured this story ...
Jamerson and Simon Wooder enjoy a pint or twoBunk bash is better than ever - say Jameson and Simon - find out just how much in this article from the Oxford Mail from August 2008 Read here a great feature by Yvonne Baker on the side from the 'Best of British' magazine - good to see objective, unbiased reporting.... The article is from 2004 but the principles still hold good!


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